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Muf Akay. Writer/Producer/Director - Chinasnake Films (c)

Having worked regularly with Adam on several projects, I am always  impressed by the varied, exciting and explosive fights he puts together, i can confidently say he is by far the best stuntman/fight director i have worked with.

Adam is always consistent and reliable, his knowledge and experience of the various forms of martial arts is impressive to say the least.  

I would recommend Adam Richards for any stunt work and fight direction and i continue to work with him often.



Zoe fry . Director/Writer Infinite Pictures (c)

big thank you to gavin fry d.o.p  for all the photo and filming  

"Adam and I have worked together on numerous projects over the last year. During both the development and execution he was incredibly informed and helpful. He is an awesome fight choreographer, working sometimes under very restricted circumstances and always producing amazing results!

His fights are dynamic and exciting. His fight knowledge is extensive and thorough and his attitude is hardworking and consistent. 

The effort he puts in is second to none- always willing to put and 110% to achieve perfection. And thus his stunt co-ordination has proved an invaluable asset to my work. I would work with him again and if possible, always on projects involving stunts."
Tony Wood and Carolyn Reynolds. Lime Pictures.
Geoff Tonks. Fencing instructor.
Paul Griffin. Writer of "Combat" and "fighters" and President off "BNMA"

Paul Griffin

25 Toucan Close






Richard Adams was introduced by Combat Sports Worldwide`s Paul Griffin, after this brief intro. Explaining that Richard has been trained under various instructors in Martial Arts and stunt work, one of whom was Jackie Chan.


Richard father first introduced him to martial arts at the age of eight, Richard since this age has continued training, and he has travelled and spent sometime training in Hong Kong.  Richard is now only 26 years old which is young, but has completed a formidable 18 years training with some world renowned martial artist & film stars.


Richards main area of training are in Wing Chun & Thai boxing, he has fought in the WAKO tournaments and competed in Thai Boxing Full Contact.


Richards approach to the seminar was one of cool harmony, he was always careful to praise other Martial Arts. He explained his art was collective and related more too elite training methods and not just techniques. The seminar covered a broken down form of sparring combined with grappling giving a realistic air to street work and making it easier to grasp for the student in much greater safety.


Fundamentally Richard has a thirst for Martial Arts and he enjoys sharing his knowledge. He is young and this go’s against his credibility, but watching Richard performs throughout the seminar he demonstrated a credible expertise and gave all the participants something to aspire to. His 18 years experience shows through his young age and accompanied wit a non machoistic and genuine attitude towards other martial arts. Richard also has a modern view of martial arts, his analogy relates to electronics which started with the thermonic valves and progressed through germanium semi conductor transistors, silicon transistors , integrated circuits, micro processor etc. people have taken it and developed it and refined the end products contributing to our society. Richards view of his art is like electronics he will develop it and refine his students to the best of there ability.     


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